abhay kashyap.





recent & pop.

  • Wildepod

    An AI-powered, human-in-the-loop system to manage camera trap images and annotations I built for Felidae Conservation Fund, a wildlife conservation & research nonprofit   [2021-].
    • megadetector-fastapi - MegaDetector, a wildlife camera trap animal detection model, wrapped in FastAPI & containerized for Google Cloud Run along with a Streamlit UI [open source].
  • Whisper UI

    Open source Streamlit UI for OpenAI's Whisper to download, transcribe, search & browse transcriptions from YouTube & local files [2022-].
  • GPT-Rex

    Open source chrome extension for AI-assist for blogging on Medium with GPT-3   [2022].
  • NFTopia

    Semantic search for 1M+ NFTs using CLIP   [2022].
    • clip-fastapi - CLIP wrapped in FastAPI & containerized for Google Cloud Run [open source].
  • Rapalytics

    A website to visualize, explore and compare lyrical style features for Rap artists   [circa. 2015].
    Featured on: Vox, Metro, Attn:, Deseret, Mic., GQ, etc.