Lil Wayne's outrageously hysterical puns!

Nov. 27, 2014

Lil Wayne (Weezy) is famous for his exaggerated similes/metaphors/analogies often comparing two vastly different objects or actions. He famously calls himself a Martian. Similes and metaphors are integral components of rap songs and it is something Weezy particularly excels in. 

As a part of my pet project Rapalytics, a site dedicated to text analysis of rap lyrics, I am currently working on a lyrics based rap song recommendation application. While I was coding, high on caffeine, I came across some Vine video that spoofed a peculiar pattern Lil Wayne often uses. Have a look at the video below.

This video hysterically spoofs Lil Wayne puns. Here are some that are too good to be ignored.

Notice how he takes some word and then gives it a weird and exaggerated pun? Its ridiculously funny. Having heard quite a bit of Lil Wayne myself, I could easily recognize these puns although I had never thought about it as much. After listening to this, I simply had to investigate and see how much of this, he has actually used!

I already have a clean corpus (set of all rap songs) with individual verses linked to Lil Wayne. There were about 500 different pieces. It was now a matter of simply writing a program (python) to look at each line and search for patterns like "call that", "call it", "call her" etc. and behold, I present to you, most of Lil Wayne's puns of this pattern. Surprisingly there weren't as many as I thought, but I have listed below what I extracted. Some of them are good and some are well.. meh! Enjoy!

  1. Play with me, you in hot water: tea bag, All-black Maybach, call it decaff
  2. Cause Wayne win, and they lose, I call 'em April babies, cause they fools
  3. My homie T roll up my blunt, skinnier than Rex Ryan, I'm countin money I'm smokin plants, call that shit math and science
  4. Pus*y ass nig*a, I don't want your gonorrhoea, Yeaaah, I call it how I see ya
  5. It’s Tunechi Li, you bitch you, you hot as a igloo, Kick back on that Glock, call that Jiu Jitsu
  6. Loaded like a semi, semi-naked pictures, She knows my d*ck, she call that ni*ga Richard
  7. I'm fu*kin her good, she got her legs on my neck, I get pussy, mouth, and ass, call that b*tch triple threat
  8. I get head in the strangest places, two at the same time, call it changin faces
  9. All my ho*s pretty, all my ni*gas Brazy, We sell that white, sell that brown, call that rice and gravy
  10. What? This shit is hard, any yard where we are, We call that cocaine rice, I got that Condoleezza
  11. And yes I know the rules, never marry Robin Givens, Mice'll run all over b*tches, so we call them b*tches cheeseheads
  12. Hammer in my pocket, you know I'm a bomb first, All black Bentley, I call that b*tch finest words
  13. Hey, T, looks like we at the N to the O, Drop a fo' in a twenty ounce, and call it 24
  14. I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine, Eat her 'til she cry, call that "wine and dine"
  15. I need Rihanna's "Umbrella" for this purple rain, Hurt to wayne, call it Wayne's World
  16. My lil brother got piff on them campers, We call him the N.O. capo
  17. Damn (damn) but I thought you was tough though, We carry choppers on our necks, call it cutthroat
  18. She on that Molly, I'm on that Mary, I'm on that Mary like Joseph, Man I'm married to this shit, you can call it Shit Carter
  19. Yeah, what y'all wanna do? I'm all ears, Smokin on that head band, call that shit that Paul Pierce
  20. She wake up, eat this d*ck, call that breakfast in bed

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