What is Plumage?

Plumage, powered by Stable Diffusion, is an experimental platform to let users explore, create, share & try-on AI-generated designs for fashion ranging from wearable apparel (shoes, tshirts) to customizable objects (skateboards, surfboards etc.) all the way to body art like tattoos and nail-art. The two broad tracks of its focus are:

  • Generative Fashion: To this end, Plumage generates several design variations of shoes, tshirts, tattoos, skateboards etc. and lets users interact with them.
  • Virtual Try-on: To help better visualize those designs, Plumage also enables users to virtually try them on either using existing stock templates or their own pictures.

Underneath this, it aims to provide a simple platform for people to easily create and share their own designs for wearable art. Currently, Plumage is a proof-of-concept and I'm working on making it more robust and useful. Most of the content is generated from ablated stock photos and I'll soon add the ability to have users create their own prompt-driven designs from existing templates and their own images.

So far, I've generated about 20k images of which about 5k are on the site and with a near-fully automated pipeline in place, I expect to generate anywhere between 5-10k images a week spanning a wide variety categories. This will hopefully give me and others a sense for what works and what doesn't with Stable Diffusion. While largely an experimental effort as evidenced by the content ranging from tattoos to skateboards to area rugs, over time, I hope to focus on a few categories and make them more robust.

Read more about it here.